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Predictive analytics & AI Retail Solutions

Online shopping has been at its highest and it’s only going to continue to increase. But humans remain to be social beings, in some form or shape, retail will most likely always continue to exist even decades down the road. People don’t just go shopping at a brick and mortar store for acquiring the items they need but, it’s also a social event. It’s a great opportunity to casually catch up with family or friends and combine shopping with a meal or a drink at the end.

Cellock offers custom solutions for any type of retail sector, whether that is your local convenience store, a clothing or hardware store, to the large malls and shopping centers. By combining technology, with store-data, such as data from loyalty programs, camera tracing of customers movement on the shop floor and artificial intelligence, Cellock can change the way the consumer shops and provide them with an immersive, enhanced in-store experience. This could be anything from providing targeted product recommendations, to chatbot virtual assistants, and any other hardware or software automation imaginable.

Our retail solutions, apart from benefiting the customer, they also add great value to the store itself. With the use of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, you can streamline your store operations, make your supply chain management and logistics more effective, analyze your pricing strategy in correlation with your customer behavioral data, and enhance your wholesale purchasing processes.

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